LevelOne GSW-0807 8 Port Switch 1000Mbps

– Compact 8-port Gigabit Network Switch
– Modern and stylish design
– Great for large file transfers
– Suited for gaming, multimedia streaming, VoIP, home surveillance feeds, etc.
– Save up to 84% power with LevelOne Green Technology

Product Overview
LevelOne’s GSW-0807 is a high-performance 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet switch with 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports. It provides a robust 16 Gbps backplane so users can utilize a Gigabit LAN network without bandwidth limitations. GSW-0807 is ideal for micro-segmenting large networks into smaller, connected subnets for improved performance, enabling the bandwidth demanding multimedia and imaging applications.

It is 1000BASE-T compliant and supports fulland half duplex auto-detection modes. It further supports MDI/MDI-X auto crossover and IEEE802.3x flow control.

Save Power With LevelOne Green Technology
Active Link Detection:

A LevelOne Green device can tell if there is activity on each individual LAN port. If an 8-port switch only has 6 active devices connected to it, power is saved because no traffic is routed to the 2 inactive ports.

Cable Length Detection:
The switch is able to detect the distance of the connected device and adjusts its power accordingly. For example, if you have a LevelOne Green switch a computer connected to a 10-meter cable will consume
less power than a computer connected to a 100-meter cable.

Sleep Mode:
The device will enter sleep/standby mode when the connected devices are powered down and no active links are detected. This helps save energy consumption during extended periods of network inactivity, such as nights, weekends and holidays.

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